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With so many viruses around the internet, it can be a dangerous place to be in.  However, an external virus removal device FixMeStick, can help you to combat these threats and protect your computer. Investing in this device is a one-time investment as it will keep your system safe forever, making you at ease. You can get refund FixMeStick if it doesn’t work for you.

This Stick has a discreet way of operating. It doesn’t use a Windows operating system. It is invisible to these cyber threats and viruses that allow the FixMeStick to detect the viruses that are not caught by your antivirus program. This device uses its own Linux OS.

The device that looks just like a pen drive doesn’t need any program or any password to install; it is an easy-to-use program that has an easy setup and gets inserted in any normal USB socket; however, its use doesn’t affect the speed of your PC. Once you plug in the FixMeStick in your system, it first searches for your internet connection to download the anti-virus program and immediately begins to scan your entire system.  

Refund FixMeStick can be received; however, it disinfects your computer system after the scanning is finished to detect any malicious programs or suspected files in the system. If it finds such a file or program, it isolates it until the solution is sought. This Stick device comes in various colors and versions to choose from depending on your requirement. A higher version of FixMeStick can even safeguard three to six systems. So if you have an establishment with multiple PCs, your problems can be fixed by purchasing only one device.

Policy against return & refund FixMeStick

The device is available through various channels. It can be bought from retailers like Wal-Mart, Best Buy, or through TV shopping by making a call to the customer case numbers and getting it delivered to you additionally; the Stick can be purchased online through FixMeStick online store.

This blog will help to understand the policies laid down by the company to return the product and seek a refund. This is especially in the case of customers who have purchased trial packs for one month or a year or even two years. It also covers Pro devices bought for both standard systems and the Mac.

Policy for getting refund FixMeStick

Our refund policy against the product is very simple and clear. You have covered under a guaranteed 45 days money-back policy for all the products that are not bought under the trial scheme. For the one-month trial pack, you can get a refund on your purchase after deducting only the company’s shipping and handling costs within the one-month trial. However, experts endeavor to keep customers happy, and they like our products. Still, if you are facing any problem with the device, you can get in touch with our representatives and ask for refund FixMeStick, who would happily get your issues resolved.

You can expect to get your refund for the product after calling the representatives of the company to process your request and send a confirmation email to you. The refund amount would get credited in your bank account in a week through the same channel through which you made the payment. The best part of our refund policy is that you don’t have to return the FixMeStick device to us, simply inform us about the code that is mentioned on the device, and we will deactivate it from our end. You get the refund FixMeStick on the given time.

Faulty device or product loss

How to get your product replaced?

In case your device is not functioning, call us, and we will consider replacing or refunding depending on the issue.

Non-receipt of the product

Once you order the device, contact us immediately if you don’t receive it in six to eight working days.

Lost product

You can even get your refund FixMeStick, in case you lose it during the period of subscription.

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