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MSN is a recognized web portal and internet service provider of Microsoft. The services are used across the globe and the company works successfully to offer the best browsing experience to its users. Users who like to visit more frequently can set it as their homepage so today we are here to give a complete set of steps that will help you in setting MSN my homepage.

Steps To Restore MSN Homepage:

When you wish to restore MSN homepageas a browser homepage then it’s an ideal way to get the complete information and stay updated about the world news on a single page. The service is compatible with all sorts of devices like desktops, laptops and PCS and even you just can access this browser on your smartphone. So here in this article, we are going to explain you to the steps to set up Amazon as a homepage on different web browsers so which will help you to restore homepage from

Steps To Set MSN Homepage On Safari:

Generally, Microsoft, as is a default browser that comes with Windows 10 operating system. And you can also use another home page like or and you just need to follow the steps to fix a homepage.

·        First, you have to go to Safari icon on your PC screen and double click on it in order to open it.

·        Once the web browser gets open on your screen now go to the right corner where you can see some icon (…) and you just have to click on that particular icon.

·        Now from there, you have to go to the setting option and you can visit the settings from its context menu.

·        After that, you have to go to Section named open Microsoft as an edge with

·        Once you are there now you have to click on a specific page or pages

·        Now you have to enter or any web browser that you wish to set as your homepage

·        May you have to save the icon also with settings that you have successfully made to keep it as your homepage.

Steps To Fix MSN as Homepage in Google Chrome:

Most of the time it has been seen that Google Chrome opens as a page in the web browsers have their uses movies to make my MSN homepageas home page permanently instead of Google Chrome. Therefore, we are here to explain to you how to set MSN as the main page in Google Chrome you just follow these given steps.

·        You have to click on an icon where you can see three horizontal lines and is located at the top right corner of your screen and it is named as customize and control Google Chrome you just have to press on it.

·        Now you have to press on settings that you can find in a given various options

·        To go down where you can find the appearance section and once you click on the appearance section you have to turn on your home button option that you will find in the disable mode by default.

·        When you do so it will open two radio buttons and you have to press on the second one only.

·        Now it will ask you to enter the URL and so you have to enter their in that box and once you are done with the entering of URL then you have to press on the “Okay” button.

·        Moreover, the users who are having another default page can remove the current URL from this box and entered the URL of the MSN website address in this box

·        And when you are done with this part you will find a home page icon appears in the Google Chrome toolbar. You have to press on it and you can visit the new page because you wish to make msn my homepage on safari recently. For assistance, you can call its support team. Experts can help you in this regard.

MSN is The Microsoft Network and it serves as an MSN homepage for people to see the news and other happenings on the internet.  It has been around since the release of Windows 95 and was also connected with the MSN dial-up network.  When visiting MSN you will be greeted by new articles in a variety of different areas along with the weather, and other information about your day.  At the top of the page is links to all of your common Microsoft services including Outlook, Skype, Office Online, and OneDrive.  It closely resembles a mix of a news website and a search engine and restore msn my homepage.

When you log into MSN, or if you set MSN Homepage to remember your login information, you will be greeted not with the standard homepage but with one customized for you.  The weather will be for your location and the news will include local news.


At this point, you may be wondering why you want to make MSN your homepage when there are so many other websites out there.  The simple answer is that MSN is a portal for all of your favorite news, weather, and apps but it is more than that.  MSN is a trusted brand that many people have come to like.  Here are some reasons that you should use MSN as your homepage:

  •  MSN has live news coverage that will greet you as you open the internet.
  • There are previews of fashion, cars, technology and more.
  • Users of the MSN homepage are provided with deals and savings, including travel savings.
  • The search engine available at the top of the page is beautiful, quick, and smart.
  • Reviews posted on the MSN homepage are unbiased and complete helping you know what to buy.
  • The advice in just about any area can be found on MSN’s homepage.
  • Celebrity news that is exclusive to the MSN homepage.
  • News, advice, reviews, and other content (including advertisement) found on the MSN homepage is independent and free from political influence.
  • Any device or platform is capable of viewing the MSN homepage in a beautiful format whether it is your computer, phone, tablet, or gaming console.

Simple Method

The simplest method to make MSN your home page is to visit The big Make MSN my homepage button will initiate an installation onto your computer from the Microsoft website.  Once the download is complete you will be presented with a selection of prompts.  Follow the prompts and MSN will become your homepage.  Additionally, if you click the Also make Bing your search engine option on the first page Bing search will be your default search engine. Depending on the internet browser you are using and the version number the simple method for making MSN your homepage may not work.  Here are instructions for setting MSN as your homepage for the most common browsers.

Internet Explorer

Click the Tools option at the top of the page and find the option for Internet Options. Under the general section there is an option Home Page and enter the MSN URL: Select Apply and then tap or click OK.

Google Chrome

It is important to note that Google Chrome no longer has homepages by default, instead, it has start tabs. These instructions are for re-enabling homepage features on Google Chrome.

  • Find the three line button at the top right of the Google Chrome window.
  • Click the Settings option.
  • Find the appearance section and select Show Home Button Below Show Home Button you can change your homepage, input:

Apple Safari

  • Choose the Safari tab and open preferences.
  • Select the general tab.
  • Under the set, your homepage section enter the webpage:

These are the simple steps to setting MSN as your homepage. To get the most out of your MSN homepage make sure to log in and set it to remember your computer, that way all of your news and information will be personalized to your likes and your location.

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